Tiny Twistars Preschool Program

Gemini Gymnastics Academy’s Tiny Twistars Program offers preschool gymnastic classes that enrich your whole child!

We have monthly themes that enrich the learning experience by bringing the magic of imagination to each and every class. Our class levels follow the typical preschool age groupings (2's, 3's, & 4's) so children can learn with their peers in developmentally appropriate classes.

Each class is designed with your child’s physical, social/emotional, and cognitive development in mind.  Every class begins with creative movement and stretching. Students work on beam, bars, and floor obstacle courses every week. Students practice basic gymnastic skills, body awareness, gross motor, fine motor, plus playground readiness such as swinging and landing safely.

Our teachers provide individualized attention so each child can work to their potential. All students will make forward progression while acquiring and refining skills. Each skill builds strength, coordination and is a building block that prepares the student for the next layer of progression.


(Co-ed, Ages 2-3.5)

30 min class, meets 1 time per week

This class is for 2 & 3 year old children that are ready for an independent class with a teacher.  This class is perfect for those kids who are eligible for a 2-yr-old preschool program. Classes concentrate on balance, coordination, gross motor skills and locomotive development in a fun, bright and exciting atmosphere!


(Co-ed, ages 3 & 4) Students need to be age 3 by Sept 1st.

45 minute Co-Ed class, meets 1 time per week. 

Sparklers is the next step in development learning! Classes concentrate on balance, coordination, gross motor and locomotor skills.  Students also experience more independence and “playground” skill development through fun obstacle courses. 

Super Stars

(Co-ed, 4 & 5 year old preschoolers & kindergartners) Students need to be age 4 by Sept 1st.

45 min class, meets 1 time per week

Super Stars classes focus on increasing attention span and motor development in our most structured class for Tiny Twistars.  Kids take their first step towards detailed gymnastic skills training, using awesome obstacle courses on floor, balance beam and bars.

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