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We have ongoing classes with "rolling sessions" with tuition charged monthly. Tuition charges are run on the 1st of the month for that month's classes. 

If there is a spot in class, you may join any time & your tuition will be prorated accordingly for the month your child begins taking class.

Once you enroll your child, that is their spot in class until your schedule changes. Our fabulous Front Desk staff is happy to assist you with class changes if openings are available.

Learn about New Membership PERKS here: Become a Member

Our front desk staff can help you reschedule your child's missed class during select times on Fridays and Saturdays.

No! Once you enroll your child, that is his/her spot until your schedule changes and you need to make adjustments. Please email the Front Desk with your class changes.

The Customer Portal ( is where you will find the most updated schedule along with being able to view which classes have spaces available.

If you are interested in trying the class before you register, you can call the Front Desk to sign up your child for a one-day class. We do not offer "Free" trial classes.

Please call or text us at 708-352-2977 to schedule a guided tour of our facility.

The Customer Portal ( is where you will find the most updated schedule along with being able to view which classes have spaces available.

When you are able to commit to Gemini for a 12 month period, we commit to you by offering a reduced monthly tuition rate that is more than 20% off of our Flexible Membership rate. Students that are Annual Members also receive exclusive pro shop offers throughout the year.

Students that participate in multiple activities throughout the year may need the flexible start/stop experience that our Flexible Membership offers.

If you have multiple students, you can select the membership option that is right for each student. 

  • The Dress Code at Gemini Gymnastics Academy has been put into place for the safety and protection of students and staff. Some dress code applies to all students and some are age specific.


  • Bare feet are best! If socks must be worn for medical reasons, they must have grips on the bottom.
  • Only stud earrings allowed for jewelry/accessories.
  • All hair must be secured up & away from face.
  • Buttons, snaps, zippers, hoods, strings, footed tights, skirts, dresses, or tutus can injure your child and their teacher are not permitted.

Tiny Twistar Preschool Students (Ages 2-5)

  • Students can wear any form of form fitting clothing. Please make sure the t-shirt is long enough to tuck in for those upside-down skills. 
  • Girls are welcome to wear a leotard or unitard if they can navigate the leotard independently when using the restroom.

Ages 6+ Recreational Girl Gymnasts, Co-Ed Tumblers & Xcel Team

  • Girls must wear a LEOTARD or UNITARD that covers the entire torso for class. Snug fitting athletic shorts or leggings worn over a leotard are allowed.  
  • Boy Tumblers should wear form fitting athletic wear. 

Ninja Monkey Program

  • Just like the martial arts, our program is woven through and around this unique ACHIEVE SLEEVE reward system and earning badges. The uniform is required for all students. The Ninja Monkey uniform is a Ninja Monkeys T-shirt and Achieve Sleeve. These can be ordered on the Online Proshop and will be ready for your child at their next class.
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