Create your SpotTV Account Today!

Create your account: Visit or download the SpotTV app on your Android or Apple device and create an account. (We recommend using your email as your username!) Gemini will receive a SpotTV user request and will approve this request as soon as possible during office hours (9am-5pm). 

Some SpotTV tips:

  • If you log in and see cartoon kangaroos on the camera screens, you are logging into a day which you do not have access to.
  • If you log in near the building and only see a blue screen on each of the cameras, try turning off your WiFi and refreshing the app.

Please contact Gemini if:

  • You forget your username
  • You need to change the day you have access to. (You can also update this in the app. Gemini will receive a notification and can process updates during office hours, 9am-5pm)
  • You get locked out of the app because of trying to take a screenshot/screen recording.

We are aware that some people are having troubles with the app. If you see the "Opps an error has occured" notification, please contact SpotTV, 1-844-307-7768, or send a note inside the app to SpotTV. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with the app.

Please check out this help section that SpotTV has created:

Please Note- SpotTV will not automatically change your viewing day if your child switches class day. You will need to request an update through the Front Desk or through SpotTV.