Create your SpotTV Account Today!

1. Create your account: Visit or download the SpotTV app on your Android or Apple device and create an account. (Remember your username!)


2. The SpotTV waiver is included in the Rules & Policies. If you have completed the Rules & Policies, then your account will be approved.

Tips to make the process go smoothly

  • Remember the User Name you create.
  • When signing up, please use your full name and your child's full name so we can verify them in our registration system.
  • When signing up, request access to the days of your child(ren)'s class.
  • Other caregivers can request a "Relative" account in SpotTV. This would be great for nannies, grandparents, etc. We may need to contact these individuals to verify their connection to the enrolled students.

If you log in and see cartoon kangaroos on the camera screens, you are logging into a day which you do not have access to.

If you log in near the building and only see a blue screen on each of the cameras, try turning off your WiFi and refreshing the app.

Please check out this help section that SpotTV has created: