What our Parents and Kids Say About Gemini Gymnastics

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for such an incredible establishment. My children, McKenzie, Grace and Tommy are all students of your facility. We have been coming to Gemini since it first opened in 2005. I love the support and personalization that Gemini brings. From the birthday parties that we have celebrated there, to the couple's yoga that my husband and I enjoyed, Gemini has proven to be a well rounded place that young and old can partake. Not feeling like just a number, is one of the main reasons why we keep coming back. My children have also learned life lessons by learning to respect one's self and others with your monthly guidance sessions. When Gemini moved to its new facility, I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in. The children (and I can't lie, myself) were so excited. The expansion has proven to be a benefit for everyone. Having the added kiddie corner has definitely been a hit.

The yoga studio is absolutely beautiful. I have never been in a real yoga studio prior to this. I was stuck in a gym with people gawking at me while in the middle of a warrior's pose. My husband and I recently went to a couple's yoga session and enjoyed it immensely. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and that came in pretty handy since my husband was suffering from a knee injury.

Most of all, we feel a sense of belonging. We are always greeted with friendly staff and that makes for a genuinely overall great experience.

The Galbraith Family

What Gemini offers are gymnastics classes with a low teacher-to-student ratio, and excellent instruction at an incredible price in a fantastic new facility! Gemini has not only has built my daughter's skills over the past three years, but it has also developed her confidence in her skills and ultimately, in herself.

I feel that my daughter has grown as a person as well as a gymnast, without experiencing the pressure and competitiveness that are often inherent in many athletic programs.

The best part of the Gemini experience is that the staff makes us feel like we are the only family, by being responsive, open and collaborative. If you want your child to truly learn how to be a gymnast with a solid foundation of what it means to be an athlete, then Gemini is the place for your family.

Laura Kaehler

My two girls started at Gemini and we really loved it. After my oldest decided she wanted to take at another gymnastics center, where friends were taking, we switched. 1 year later, we switched back to Gemini. I found the care and personalization of the instruction of the Gemini staff could not be beat. We are so happy we switched back!


We are so grateful that we found Gemini!  The coaches are so knowledgeable, encouraging, patient and smiling!  My daughter does level 5-7 gymnastics.

We didn't know that recreational gymnastics existed at this level of difficulty.  My daughter has loved gymnastics since she was 3 years old.  She started competing at age 7.  After several years, the time commitment and strain on her body was too much.  But she couldn't give it up.  Then we found Gemini.  She spends much less time in the gym, but continues to improve her skills.  She still gets to work on all four events.  It is such a positive experience.  She feels good about how strong she is.  She loves the difficult tricks she learns.

It is quality time in the gym with no stress, great results and lots of fun!  And that wasn't enough.  She also discovered yoga at Gemini.  She loves yoga and it is a wonderful complement to the gymnastics sport.  Gemini has it all!

C. Milleker

My daughter Colette has been a student of Gemini Gymnastics since they opened their gym. At Gemini, we have found not only coaches who are able to teach all the skills required of an elite gymnast, but also a coaching staff and family atmosphere that builds self-esteem and confidence through kindness, discipline, hard work and mutual respect.

Janice Kocek

Dear Ms. Carrie,

At my school, Hauser Jr. High, we are offered a wide selection of clubs. One of the clubs that is very popular is called S.M.A.R.T Club. It helps us think about our future and encourages us to stay on the right path and away from drugs and violence. We help support the community, go on fun trips, and help other people plan on an excellent future. But, to participate in the club, we have mandatory assignments we need to complete in order to go on the trip every trimester. This trimester's assignment was to write a letter to your hero. Once Mr. Wolf said this, I immediately though of someone who has impacted my life and taught me important lessons. You.

At first when I came to Gemini, everything was so new to me. I hardly knew how to do a somersault, and now I'm doing one in the air. My flexibility had changed as if I'm a rubber-band being pulled ever so slightly now and then. You taught me that no matter what I strive to do, I can always achieve it, no matter how long it takes me. And this lesson not only applies to tumbling, but to life in general. I remember my first back tuck. I never could get very high, but your useful tips and watching eye led me to believe that I could do anything I wanted, even if it was the hardest thing in the world.

Whenever I try a new trick, I always feel more comfortable with your hand right behind my back, making sure that I land every step with ease. I know that your hand very lightly touches me, but it's a sense of comfort knowing that you're the one who taught me how to do this, and you'll be here to help me.

I wouldn't feel so confident in myself if it weren't for you. Knowing that I am good at something all my own is very reassuring when I don't exactly do the best in other activities. Tumbling has helped my confidence more than ever throughout the years, especially since entering Jr. High. When I was new to the school, we would ask each other what we liked to do, or how we spent time after school. Every time I would mention tumbling. People asked me what tricks I could do and always wanting to see my splits. In sixth grade, our social studies teacher was doing yoga with us and had me do my splits in the middle of the room. Even though I was a little embarrassed, it was still a confidence boost. My gym teacher is always asking me for new stretches, and I have shown her your burpies, inside out jumping jacks, push ups and different sit-ups and partner exercises that we use every day.

Thank you again, Ms. Carrie for impacting my life so much!

Julia Kurth