Adv. Beginner Gymnastics Curriculum

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  • Backward roll on the floor (tuck)
  • Lunge handstand lunge (all the way up, legs together, toes pointed and beginning to hollow)
  • Lunge cartwheel step in (with legs straight, toes pointed, and correct head position)
  • Handstand forward roll down an incline mat
  • Bridge kickover on floor
  • Backbend down onto incline mat


  • Releve walks forward, sideways, and backwards with straight legs
  • Coupe/passe walks
  • Coupe/passe hold (R/L) 5-10 seconds
  • Pivot turn
  • Straight jump on the beam
  • L kick on low beam
  • Tuck jump and straddle jump dismounts


  • Cast 3x in a row with straight arms
  • Jumping bat hang
  • Chin kickover
  • See saw
  • Flexed arm hang (5 seconds)
  • Pike hold (5 seconds)


  • Handstand flat back
  • Hurdle arm circle
  • Straight jump vault


  • Heel snap turn on floor
  • Understand hollow shape
  • Tuck jump, split jump, & straddle jump
  • Ability to focus & good work ethic
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