Xcel Team Semi-Private Lessons Explained

Hello Xcel Parents,

Thank you for your patience waiting for more information about the Xcel Semi-Private lessons AND for bringing the need for explanation to our attention! Xcel Semi-Private lessons were introduced in August 2020. As we edited our Spring communications for new team members, we forgot to include information about them as Xcel Semi-Privates did NOT exist a year ago.

Sign up for the correct level of your gymnast (Bronze, 1st year Silver, 2nd year Silver, 1st year Gold, Gold/Plat) to keep similar skill sets together. Xcel Team members may sign up for 1 Xcel Semi-Private for their Xcel level per month. We only have enough coach availability to allow for each gymnast to sign up for 1 Semi-Private lesson/month. 

At this time, we cannot accommodate additional semi-private lessons even if you would like to pay for more as our team coaches are also teaching our recreational & preschool classes. We are still in an “all hands on deck” staffing situation with Covid.

Up to 2 gymnasts, of the same level, receive 1 hour of instruction with an Xcel Team coach. Sometimes only 1 gymnast signs up for a time slot so then they receive 1 on 1 instruction.

Please note that classes are in session during the Semi-Privates so equipment availability is not guaranteed. During Xcel Semi-Private lessons, gymnasts work on skills/drills that their regular coach has requested extra practice on &/or appropriate skills/drills for the level of the gymnasts, per their request.  

Chris Campbell

Grow. Strong.

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