Do you have sessions? We do not run set sessions. We bill monthly on the first of the month. You can join a class at any time, and we will bill based on their start date. If you join a class for the last week of the month, you will be billed for the one class and then for the following month on the 1st.

Can I do a free trial class? While we do not offer “free” trial classes, you can register for one class and pay the one-day rate. Alternatively, after one class if for any reason it is not a fit for your child, we offer a money back guarantee. If you sign up for the one-day class, it is the client’s responsibility to inform the front desk that you wish to enroll in that class. We recommend letting us know as soon as possible as that spot is open for registration the next day.

How do you bill? Monthly billing is based on at least 4 classes per month. We do not charge extra when there is a 5th class in a month due to the calendar. If we cannot offer at least 4 classes in a month, we will prorate your tuition.


Do you have waitlists? Yes. With limited ratios and classes running congruently, waitlists tend to happen.

What are the benefits to adding my child to a waitlist? Being on a waitlist saves a spot in that class. Also, when we see waitlists building up for certain levels and times, we see where the need is to open another section of that class.

Is there a charge to be on a waitlist? No! We only charge when your child is actively enrolled in a class.

Is there a limit to the number of waitlists my child can be on? Nope! You can be on as many waitlists as you want. We do ask that when you get into a class and no longer need to be on other waitlists that you let us know.

What happens when there is a spot for my child? You will receive an automatic email and will have a week to respond. We do ask that if you are no longer interested in the class, you let us know so we can move on to the next person on the list.


As listed in our Policies and in alignment with our Safety-First policy at Gemini Gymnastics Academy, WE WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULING MISSED CLASSES or "make-up" classes.

We will offer a credit for the second missed class in a one-month billing period.

If the missed class is due to a medical reason, please email a copy of a doctor’s note to frontdesk@nullgeminigymnasticsacademy.com so we can credit your account accordingly.


Masks are required for all- Masks are required for all individuals in the building (regardless of vaccination status). Please send your child in a well-fitting mask. We have a limited supply of disposable masks we can give to your child but will add a charge of $3 to your account.

Water Bottles- Please make sure to send a water bottle with your child as we are not using the drinking fountain. We have quite a few water bottles in our lost and found near the door off the parking lot. Feel free to have a look!

Billing Policies

  • Charges are run on the 1st of each month. Payments are past due after the 5th of the month and a late fee will be charged to your account. We understand that sometimes the 1st of the month does not work for everyone. If you need an adjustment on your due date, please contact the Front Desk to avoid late fees and set up a payment plan.
  • A valid Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card must be kept on file. You can update your card on the Parent Portal under “Accounts”. If you plan on paying by cash or check, please contact the Front Desk so that they can make a note on your account. These payments are still due on the 1st of the month and can be given to your child’s teacher.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to cancel their child’s enrollment (via email or the Parent Portal) before charges have processed. Refunds will not be issued. If you know that you will need to stop mid-month, let us know before the 1st of the month and we can charge you for a portion of the month.
  • IMPORTANT: If we have not received the tuition payment by the 15th of the month, we will drop your child from their class and give their spot to a child on the waitlist. Once the account has been brought up to date, you can enroll your child for an available class or waitlist.



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