Summer "Boost Your Skills" Workshops

Crazy 4 Cartwheels!

(Co-Ed Ages 5+) Does your gymnast want some extra work on their cartwheel?! In Crazy for cartwheels, gymnasts will work on building their best cartwheel that will ultimately lead to a great round-off! 60 minutes of cartwheel exercises that you will go Crazy 4!

Balance & Confidence on Beam

Join us to work on your arabesque, releve walks, pivot turns, L kicks, dismounts and more! 60 minutes of Beam exercises to boost your Balance & Confidence on Beam!

Blissful Bar Skills

Gymnasts will work towards improving their upper body and core strength to make bars easier and more fun in our blissful bar skills workshop.

Happy Handsprings!

Instructors will work on Shaping and drills to improve gymnasts front & back walkover in our Happy Handsprings workshop! *This workshop is for those gymnasts who have their front limber and back-walk over.

Handstands, Cartwheels, Walkovers, Oh My!

This workshop works on all the fan favorites of beginner tumblers! Proper handstand, cartwheel and walkover technique will be worked on using drills to build strong fundamental tumbling skills! A sturdy foundation builds a stronger house!

Ninja Skills - Rolling & Flipping!

60 minutes of working on ninja rolls & flips while building confidence, strength, & agility!

Ninja Skills - Climbing & Swinging

60 minutes of climbing and swinging while building confidence, strength, & agility!

Tween Tumble!

Calling all tweens (9+) who are looking to sprinkle some tumbling into their summer! Gymnasts of similar ages will work on tumbling skills based on their current skill set in a positive, encouraging environment.

60 minutes long / $25 each / Ages 5+

Monday-Friday  / Morning & Afternoon options

Find the workshop schedule on the Parent Portal!

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