Silver, Gold, Platinum Bundles

Dear Xcel Silver, Gold & Platinum Families,

It’s time to prepare for a fun competition season! This letter includes information about Competition Apparel and Team Bundle Fee Requirements at Gemini.

With that in mind, please make sure you have your Gemini account in good standing. The Xcel Team Fee Bundle will need to be paid by November 1, 2021, in order to be eligible for the competition season. This is an additional charge to your regular tuition.

Competition Apparel

Ozone Leotards sent us sizers for the leotards & warm-ups last month. The coaches determined what size would be ordered for your child. Silver/Gold/Platinum gymnasts will need the following team gear: 3/4 sleeve style Gemini leotard, Gemini warm-up jacket & leggings, Gemini Slides & Gemini backpack. 

We are on a 2-year cycle with our competitive gear. This is year 1 of 2 meaning that next year we will have the same leotard, warm-up and backpack. We kept this in mind while sizing your gymnasts to ensure a little bit of wiggle room for growth.

We will notify you when team gear arrives. These items will be distributed to all athletes that have paid the Silver/Gold/Platinum Xcel Team Bundle in full & have their Gemini account in good standing.

2021-2022 Xcel Silver/Gold/Platinum Team Fee Bundle includes:

  • Meet entry fees for In-house meet & 4 regular season meets
  • Coaches’ fees
  • ALL TEAM GEAR: ¾ Sleeve Leotard, Gemini warm-up jacket and leggings, Gemini slides and Gemini Backpack

The Xcel Silver/Gold/Platinum Team Fee Bundle is $1,250. This amount is DUE by November 1st– This will be divided into 3 installments payable September-November on the 1st of each month. Please let us know if you prefer to pay all at once.

 *A separate letter will be sent soon including general meet information and Athlete Registrations for the 2021-2022 season.* Until then- any questions can be sent to

Happy Handstands!

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