We are making a big change for this upcoming competitive year. Starting this 2021-2022 season, we will no longer be competing under USA Gymnastics. As some of you know, there has been a lot of scandal, betrayal and abuse that was allowed under USAG in the elite level.  As more and more new information comes to light regarding these situations, we no longer feel that Gemini should be associated with USAG. With that being said, this year we will compete under AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). It has been around for 126 years, and their motto is “Sports for all, forever.” Here is some general information about competing under AAU gymnastics:

  • Xcel levels are THE SAME under AAU as USAG
  • Coaches will take a “Positive Coaching Alliance” class to coach under AAU
  • Registration fee per individual athlete is $14 for the year
  • We will still compete 4 meets during the season- meet schedule will be announced as soon as we know
  • All meets will be local
  • State meet will still take place with an option to compete at a National Meet

Your child will need to be signed up with AAU BEFORE OCTOBER 1 in order to compete the 2021-2022 season.

Here is how to register your child for AAU gymnastics:

  1. Go to AAUgymnastics.org
  2. Find “Membership” in the upper right and click “Membership Overview” in the pull down
  3. Click the BLUE “Join Now” button under “Athletes (Individual) on the right
  4. Click on the GREEN “Get a Membership” button
  5. Click on the GREEN “Youth Athletes Membership”
  6. For the Sport, click on “GYMNASTICS” in the pull down (NOT ACROBATIC)
  7. Click “regular” for coverage
  8. Click “Current Membership Year” for the term
  9. For the club- click “Yes” and type in our zipcode (60525) and Gemini should be the first option in the pull down
  10. Click “NO” to signing up for CaptainU
  11. Agree to terms and conditions and proceed to shopping cart (you will see your athlete’s name for the registration amount of $14.00) Click “Checkout”
  12. On the next screen- Create an Account and finish your purchase. You will automatically be added to our club roster as AAU members for Gemini.
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