Gemini Gymnastics Academy

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The best of gymnastics, martial arts and ninja warrior programs where kids can train like a ninja and swing like a monkey.


For starters, the curriculum and goals for the classes truly are for EVERYONE.  The four-year-old boy learning to walk on a beam and the nine-year-old girl learning to flip off the wall are both going to be challenged and excited every day.

What’s more than that, NINJA MONKEYS is dedicated to the creative spirit of children.  In every class, kids work on simple puzzles and problem solving amidst their physical activities.  By mixing these little “brain games” into their workouts, kids associate using their whole bodies to work through challenges and develop an ability to truly focus.

Finally, we celebrate Little Victories and Little Failures.  It is so important that kids understand, at a young age, that making mistakes or missing a step is part of learning!  By acknowledging setbacks in a positive environment and working through it with them we literally teach Resilience and Grit.


All kids will be required to purchase and wear a Ninja Monkey shirt to class.

Other ways to Ninja...

  • Ninja Camps are so much fun! More to come in the Spring and Summer!
  • Ninja Nights! Events designed just for Ninjas full of games and activities!
  • Ninja Birthday Parties! They are the best!  Ask the front desk for more information.
  • Ninja Monkey SWAG! There are some exciting things the kids will be taking home with them from class coming soon to celebrate their ninja-ness.  Also, keep an eye on the pro-shop for cool new stuff!
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MINI Ninja Monkeys (Co-ed, 4-6 years old)

$105 per month, class meets 1 time per week

Imagine: All the excitement of a Ninja class with all the child development benefits of a preschool program! We’ve built a program just for the MINI NINJAS in your family, created for girls and boys ready to move.

Ninja Monkeys (Co-ed, 5-12 years old)

$105 per month, class meets 1 time per week

NINJA MONKEYS is a truly innovative program; the best of gymnastics, martial arts and other ninja programs where kids get to train like ninjas and play like monkeys.


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