As of Monday, 8/10/20, all INDOOR STUDENTS are required to wear masks.

If you forget, we’ve got you covered & will provide a child-sized, single-use, surgical mask & charge your account $3.


Come join us for an hour long class for inspired 3 year olds!  This class integrates playground activities with early learning skills. 30 minutes of class is dedicated indoor gym time, while the other 30 minutes will be spent in our super clean learning area.  Crafts, stories and activities will be dedicated to developing young minds alongside their growing bodies! Drop off the kids and run an errand for an hour!

Perfect for those clever kiddos looking for a creativity challenge! This class for 4-year-olds includes 45 minutes of dedicated indoor gym time and 15 minutes of time in our super clean learning area, where kids will be inspired with fun crafts and activities dedicated to early learning skills. A great balance of playground skills and a mental workout! Drop off the kids and run an errand for an hour!

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Focused offerings in the GYM based on State Guidelines!

  • One-hour Classes with the Coaches you love for kids Ages 4+!
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